Our Passion is collaborating with our Supplier and Retail partners to generate growth in sales and profits by using proven strategies and creative problem solving.


A Full Service Sales Management Agency Linking Suppliers and Retailers for Growth and Success.

Creative Sales Consulting is a full service sales agency providing strategic sales, marketing, and merchandising expertise to select art, craft, floral, home décor, home fragrance, toys, impulse, household cleaning, beauty, and storage Suppliers desiring growth with targeted retailers By forming a partnership with Unified Sales in Cleveland, Ohio, and acquiring Burgess and Associates in Bentonville, Arkansas, Creative Sales Consulting now provides clients with access to opportunities at over 60 000 store locations.

With strong retailer relationships and a stellar reputation Creative Sales Consulting has developed with over 30 years in the industry, the Company provides:

Access to every level of the customer’s organization

Proven growth strategies to increase sales and market penetration

Unparalleled access to sales / inventory data to increase value to the customer

Creative Sales Consulting provides the highest level of account management services with a Team of Professionals Each Supplier is served by not just a single Salesperson, but with a dedicated Executive Account Manager, a Sales Project Manager, and a Company Sales Support Specialist working closely together with Company Strategic Advisors to achieve results.

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