Our Services

Lighting Your Way

Creative Sales Consulting exists to provide the highest level of account management services in the industry.

  • We help provide instant access to every level of the retail customer’s organization.
  • We develop and implement growth strategies to increase sales and market penetration.
  • We deliver unparalleled access to critical sales and inventory data.

Strategic Planning

We use the Lighted Path Process to build a growth strategy with our suppliers to build a 3 year plan with specific targets and milestones to grow sales. Based on those targets, we build a roadmap of opportunities to pursue together and put a detailed plan in place to achieve those growth goals.

Merchandising Strategies

We have an onsite layout room to plan merchandise layouts to photograph for presentations, show in virtual meetings, or use for in person meetings at our office. Our team brings the experience and knowledge to utilize merchandising strategies that will resonate with the retailer and end customer taking into account things like sight lines, adjacencies, and spacing that will help product pop off of the shelf.


We help our clients develop impactful presentations to speak to the areas that the retail buyer wants to understand when considering new products or programs. We partner with the supplier team to include content that speaks to market insights, trend information, features/benefits of the products being proposed, and financial models to show potential sales and profitability for the retailer.

Project Management

Our dedicated Sales Project Managers help the sales team keep tasks and timelines organized using tools such as task lists and project calendars to stay on target with key milestones aligned with the retailer’s review process timelines.

The Lighted Path Process

The Lighted Path Process is a five step process that we use as a guide to help suppliers achieve growth and success with retailers. We start with a SWOT Analysis to understand the framework that we are working within and then build a growth strategy to achieve sales goals for the supplier. We conduct an annual Strategy and Goals meeting with the supplier to review results and course correct the plan to achieve our common goals as needed.

Dive Deeper With Our Podcast

Clint O’Rear, a leader amongst suppliers & retailers in the creative arts & home décor industries, hosts insightful conversations with other leaders and experts to share different insights and perspectives on the retail industry. In most cases the discussion will be related to the arts/crafts/creative/makers segment of retail. Topics include leadership, culture, marketing, consumers, life lessons, and personal journeys.

Strategic Resource Partners

Experts In How, LLC brings together over 50 years of combined experience of Charlie and Stephanie Leichtweis, who have served in multiple C-suite positions with very successful companies, including multiple CEO roles for each of them at companies such as The Testor Corporation, Coats & Clark, and Fiber Craft. Charlie and Stephanie are able to help companies in the areas of strategy development and execution, alignment of strategy with process, global sourcing and operations, and business transformation. They specialize in helping companies with the HOW to create sustainable profitable growth.

Avid Insight has proven that Happy customers + Happy employees = a Healthy business. They use AI-powered insights to guide suppliers and retailers to make the best possible decisions for the future of their business.