Meet Our Team

of professionals working together to maximize sales opportunities for suppliers

The Executive Team

Providing leadership and coaching for the Creative Sales Consulting Team for over 20 years

Clint O’Rear | Team Leader, President, Owner

Clint has worked in the Retail industry since 2000. He holds a BA in Finance from Texas A&M. Prior to entering the Retail industry Clint worked in Finance and Packaging with Bank of America and International Paper. He served in the role of Vice President of CSC for 10 years before taking over as President in 2015. Clint is now President/Owner of CSC. With his background and ability to lead teams and get results, he has helped many of CSC’s clients achieve millions of dollars of sales growth, and helped customers achieve double-digit sales increases in categories he helped improve by bringing customers and Suppliers together to achieve success.  He serves as the Visionary for the Traction EOS Strategic Planning Process to cast vision for the team and to lead the team culture based on core values.

Vicki Jinks | Vice President

Vicki came to CSC with a strong background in Administration, Accounting, Human Resources, and advanced technical skills related to developing databases. Since 2021, Vicki has utilized her varied skill set to assist the President with leading and managing CSC’s overall administration and strategic direction in her role as Vice President. Vicki also built and manages comprehensive proprietary  POS databases that provide valuable sales and inventory reports to help the CSC Sales Account Management teams and CSC clients make informed decisions for each category they are working in. She serves as the Integrator for the Traction EOS Strategic Planning Process, which is instrumental in keeping the Company working collaboratively.

Michelle Cook | Operations Manager

Michelle joined CSC in 2008, with an education in Business Administration and a background in banking and running her own businesses. She held various positions in CSC throughout the earlier years, giving her a full and comprehensive understanding of each role in the Company. Michelle now leads the Operations Team of CSC, coaching and guiding Sales Project Managers in providing critical administrative support on the Sales Teams. She is also responsible for coordinating Walmart Retail Link reporting. Michelle joins the President and Vice President in overall strategic planning for meeting the administrative needs of CSC.

The Executive Account Managers

Dedicated professionals with extensive experience in retail sales management, and strong relationships with customers

Chris Chance | Executive Account Manager

Chris has 20+ years’ experience in sales and sales management. Prior to joining CSC, he was most recently the Director of Product & Market Development for a precision blade and tool manufacturer. He is a strategic thinker with a strong blend of analytical decision-making and creative problem-solving skills. Chris has designed, developed, and successfully executed branded and private label product launches in U.S. Mass, Club, and Specialty retail markets. He is a results driven, entrepreneurial, CPG professional that loves working together with Supplier partners and the world’s largest retailers.

Sandy Chard | Executive Account Manager

Sandy was a recognized Walmart All-Star Department manager for 20 years. She has a proven track record as a merchant, leading the product life cycle and designing business growth strategies in key departments and categories as Walmart Buyer for 10 years.  She has a solid history of success in evaluating customers every day, promotional and seasonal needs.  She has worked cross-functionally with Sourcing, Product Development, Replenishment and Logistics on both domestic and import initiatives to drive a profitable bottom line and meet revenue targets. As an Executive Account Manager with CSC, she has built strong relationships in multiple departments and categories across retail channels, specifically in Walmart and Hobby Lobby.

Stacie Estrada | Executive Account Manager

Stacie started her career at Michaels, where she worked in various roles such as Human Resources, Inventory Management, and Finance.  She has been with CSC since 2015, with experience in the roles of Sales Administrative Assistant, POS Report Specialist, Sales Project Manager, and Strategic Relationships Manager. During Stacie’s journey, she developed a love of sales and had an opportunity to shift into an account management role.  She works tirelessly and passionately to help Suppliers manage and grow their sales.   Stacie loves serving others, which helps her build strong relationships.  And, through relationships Stacie is able to uncover opportunities.

Melanie Marten | Executive Account Manager

Melanie has been with CSC since 2006, starting in the role of Sales Project Manager. Due to the strengths and abilities she demonstrated in that position, she was promoted to Executive Account Manager. Prior to joining CSC, Melanie worked in retail store management, building a strong background in the overall retail process. Melanie has built strong relationships in multiple departments and categories across retail channels, specifically at Michaels and Dollar General, making her a great asset to the customer. With her relationships, Melanie stays current on the latest information regarding retailer and trend changes and is often the “go to” person for help with understanding retailer processes.

Ragan Puddy | Executive Account Manager

Prior to coming to CSC in 2019, Ragan was a Senior Buyer Category Director at Michaels for 16 years, which provided her with extensive knowledge of the retail processes. This experience has also helped her develop excellent interpersonal skills that allows her to build long-lasting relationships with people at all levels in the organization. Ragan’s experience and  passion for the industry have made her a great asset for CSC Supplier clients, achieving growth and helping customers achieve their objectives.

Bob Burgess | Strategic Advisor

Formerly the owner of Burgess & Associates (now merged with Creative Sales Consulting), Bob works closely with the CSC Executive Team and the CSC Sales Teams to brainstorm growth strategies for the Company and Suppliers.

The Operations Team

Offering outstanding support to our Executive Account Managers

Kasandra Arteaga | Sales Project Manager

Serving On the Melanie Marten Sales Team

Brayden Cook | Sales Project Manager

Serving On the Ragan Puddy Sales Team

Jenna McGlothlin | Sales Project Manager

Serving On the Sandy Chard Sales Team

Kaelee Ward | Sales Project Manager

Serving on the Chris Chance Sales Team

Mary Alice Sledge | Sales Report Specialist

Kendal Baker | Retail Link Report Analyst